Frequently asked questions

Why are your prices so much lower? Surely you compromise on quality?

Firstly let me absolutely assure you that Labbetts never sacrifice quality on any of our products to enable us to undercut other suppliers of made to measure bespoke bedroom furniture. In actual fact our wardrobes, bookcases and cabinetry are made to the highest quality. Please see here for more details. We are able to offer better value (often between 30% - 50% when compared with other, more established suppliers) due to our vastly reduced overheads, more direct sourcing of quality materials and a more realistic pricing structure that does not depend on inflating prices which then get 'discounted' during the sales/haggling process. Labbetts believe in great quality at a fair price equals unbeatable value. Our great service we think of as the least you should expect.

How long can I expect one of your products to last?

All our work and products come with a 10 year guarantee on materials and labour. Additionally all ironmongery (handles, hinges, drawer runners etc) have a 15 year guarantee. We are able to stand fully behind our work and product due to the high quality of materials we use. Labbetts would not put our name to inferior (thinner/lighter,cheaper) items that may be supplied by other similar companies.

Why is fitted furniture better than freestanding?

A very good question, particularly when it is very easy to see anything from Ikea (and various other freestanding wardrobe/storage items) as a cost-effective and easy answer to your bedroom wardrobe/storage conundrum. All Labbetts fitted wardrobes are built without sides or backs (unless you request them) which means you can benefit from the absolute maximum possible internal storage space for the area (often this means up to 30% more space from the same dimensions!). Further, you will not waste your valuable time (and fuel) measuring, purchasing, delivering or installing the wardrobes...and the stress that all of that entails. Additionally you will find that well designed and fitted storage actually can add to the 'saleability' (and even value) of your property when the time comes to sell. Would that apply to a couple of freestanding wardrobes in the corner of your bedroom? It's possible to have enjoyed the many benefits of the wardrobes/drawers etc throughout your time in your property and then actually make a return on them when selling.

What are your wardrobes/drawers etc actually made of?

As standard Labbetts use the highest quality 18mm melamine-faced chipboard (MFC) but I can make fitted furniture out of any sheet material to suit your requirements from real hardwood vaneers (which would be oiled following installation) to MDF (which would require treating/painting to your desired finish/colour.

What if I should need to get beneath the floor in an emergency?

Labbetts fitted wardrobes are designed and built with removable flooring to enable access as required. This would be explained after the build.

How would my bespoke furniture actually be made?

Having already taken accurate measurements and agreed on the design with the customer all material is sourced and prepared off-site so that when it comes to the build/installation every individual component of your fitted furniture Leicester can be accurately cut to the exact shape of the existing features of your room.

So, will you actually cut the materials inside? Isn't that extremely dusty?

To achieve the perfect fit and finish that you require (and for which Labbetts pride ourself) the materials do need to be cut/scribed to the shape of your walls and this is required to be carried out 'in-situ'. But, being acutely aware of the issue of mess/dust etc Labbetts are potentially unique in not only using the very finest of tools (all maintained to ensure they perform to their optimum) but also we use up to three dust extractors to ensure that our installation reduces to the minimum any disturbance or dust. And, of course, we are always very careful to tidy up after ourselves as if it is our own home.

What is 'scribe'?

To 'scribe' is a technique whereby the shape/angle/profile of any features (coving, skirting, picture rails etc) are transferred to the material which will form part of the built-in furniture. This means no current/original feature needs to be removed or damaged when your new furniture is built.

Will I have to move anything prior to or during installation?